Machinery Moving and Rigging
Given both our staff's experience and our ever expanding network, no job is too large or too small, too sophisticated or too simple for Northeast Riggers. We will work with structural engineers to devise a rigging plan, add strength to a sensitive floor by erecting shoring towers in the basement, install an 88,000 lb. chiller unit utilizing a state of the art “air dolly system” or move a small shed in a customers backyard. In essence, our focus is to service our customers completely, efficiently and effectively without burden.

Crane Services
Northeast Riggers has cranes ranging from 15 ton to 125 tons. This gives us the ability to pick any size equipment from 500 lb air conditioning unit to a 130,000 lb natural gas tank.

Trucking and Hauling
Being in business for over 40 years, we have established a fleet of specialized trucks and trailers to fit each and every need. This includes box and air/ride trailers for sensitive equipment and products, standard flat beds, and single and double drops for all types of loads (i.e. partial, full, oversized and overweight loads). We also have the ability to haul equipment nationwide.

Warehousing and Storage
With many of our customers needing storage, Northeast Riggers handles our clients warehousing needs. Our goal is to store our customers goods according to their needs allowing them peace of mind and adequate time to plan accordingly.

Custom Skidding and Crating
Our team is experienced in designing and creating durable crating and skidding for any size and piece of equipment. We can even shrink wrap or heat shrink wrap equipment to ensure protection from moisture and dust, thus making it available for all types of transport.

Project Planning and Management
While many of our customers are well versed in the details of planning and managing their own projects, many entrust these matters to us. We have the experience to thoroughly research and plan each project we undertake, regardless of size or scope. This relieves our customers of the time consuming tasks involved with many relocations, ultimately making it more cost effective.

Our experienced millwrights can handle any installation, dismantling, reassembling, aligning or leveling project. We have performed precision floor layouts, such as corrugated lines, printing lines and plating lines, all according to our customers needs.

Fabricating and Welding
Our talented staff can weld, design, and perform a wide variety of custom fabricating for any need.

Additional Services
Given our ever growing network, we are able and committed to expand the services that we currently offer in an effort to better serve our customers diverse needs. These additional services may include, but are not limited to, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, concrete and steel work.